About Us
About Us
Yoder Construction Company is a family owned
business located in Floyd Co, VA.
In 2000, as a slightly experienced 18 year old, I
went to work for a fine local contractor who was
also a great teacher. Five years later I took the
plunge and started my own company. The first
project I took on was the
Bread Basket bakery.
Since then I've finished a wide variety of projects
including my own home.
While I really enjoy building, my first love is my
Savior, Jesus Christ, and next to him is my family.
My hope is that this business will not only
provide for my family but will also be a service to
the community.
I want to say thank you to all of our customers,
you've been such a blessing.
Yoder Construction Company
Yoder Construction Company
M. Yoder Construction Company LLC
DBA Yoder Construction Company
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Virginia Class A Contractor Licence
Expires: 05-31-2014
Michael, Cheryl and Family